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Online Entrance Exams Preparation Simplified

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Practice Questions & Explanations
Start preparing for your exam with Edulogiq.
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Institute administration &
branding simplified!
Powerful features for brand management for Schools,
Universities, Colleges & Coaching institutes
Bring Edulogiq to work, a new way to create & manage learning, hiring & retain the right talent
Simple and flexible workflows, sophisticated algorithms yet robust results

Free Mock Tests, Previous 10 Year Solved Papers & Personalized Scorecards

Practice, Analyze & Improve
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Edulogiq empowers you to create & share your courses. It offers the best online teaching tools & access to the experts community-
Create, Share & Earn
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Advance platform for institutional uptake, to enable smart enterprise via applied technology
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Edulogiq empowers you to create & Powerful tools required to manage and share learning across the organization, cost effective and secure solutions for hiring & retaining the right talent-
Engage, Track & Grow
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Prepare in a Simulated Environment with Entrance Exam Questions
Take unlimited mock tests, previous year solved papers with explanations from subject matter experts.
Previous Year
Unlimited Mock Tests, Topic/Sub-topic Tests
Mock Test
Real time simulated environment
Exam Run

Online Practice Tests for GATE, IITJEE,AIPMT, Bank PO, SBI PO, MAT & many more with Unlimited Mock Tests and Study Material

Simulate Practice Tests - Invite or Challenge Friends
Customize exams per topic / subtopic and compete in small groups. Students can prepare learning plan as per syllabus.
Customize Exam Topic wise
Create customized exams
Customize Exam
Schedule Exam
Schedule Exam
Invite friends/ participants

Get Free Previous 10 Years Solved Exam Papers for GATE, IITJEE, Bank PO, SBI PO, MAT, CTET, SSC CGLE, CDS, AIPMT and many more

Create Study Groups for Collaborative & Social Learning
Interact with peer students and render help to other.
Create study groups
Create study groups
Interact with Group
Interact with the group
Socal Learning
Social and collaborative learning
Lead the competition - ANALYTICA for actions
Current performance, historical & comparative analytics helping students to prepare individual learning plan. Guided preparation platform based on student weak areas. PRACTICE, PRACTICE & PRACTICE until weak areas become strengths
Track performance
Track historical & current performance
Advance Tool
Advance tools for guided preparation
Guided Preparation
CRYSTALBALL to map your personality to careers
Personalized “Career-tree” & “Study-tree” to choose the right career and study options
Study Tree
Career Tree
High Quality Study Material by Reputed Experts
Learn from subject matter experts for engineering, maths, medical, verbal ability, english etc...
Subjects Expert
Free Resources to help you improve Entrance Exam Scores
Register for INFOMATIQ Alerts on Exams
Stay ahead by getting alerts in mailbox and mobile phone. No rumors & No non-sense…trustable information. Just register with us for your exam and we will send you all alerts by email and SMS.
Stay Informed with EDULOGIQ News and Blog
Regular NEWS update from trustable sources ensuring reliable and speedy news for our registered students.
Earn While you Learn
Everytime you practice or write an exam, you earn ELQ points & badges. Redeem your ELQ points for gift vouchers.
Sign Up and Earn
Choose your membership and start to prepare online EDU + LOG + IQ
Enhance your reach across boundaries with EDULOGIQ
With Edulogiq, you can reach your target students across the globe.
Simple, User Friendly & Smart – 3 Quick Steps to Start Sharing Online
Step 1: Register as Expert; Step 2 – Upload Videos/Notes/Questions; Step 3 – Use ELQ Network to start sharing
Expert’s Dashboard - 40,000 ft. View
See Performance, Results, Teaching Effectiveness, Financials, Network Usage, Document Controls etc within Expert Dashboard.
Create Interest Groups with other ELQ Experts
Interact with other Experts to enhance knowledge and networking outcomes.
Enhance your Brand using our Brand Management Tools
Get Complimentary Website for your Institute to reach online audience through Internet Image to be added.
Secured& AdvancedTest Simulator to accelerate competitive exams
Institute students can benefit from our Online Test Simulator. Institute Faculty can frequently assess student’s performance and react with Customized Learning Plan for each student.
Exam Preparation Material to compliment existing Institute library
Our Advanced Learning Methods can compliment and add value to Institute’s existing content. We offer E-Learning Videos, Recorded Lectures, Topic Notes, Reference Guides etc.
Powerful Analytical Engine for Each Student in Institute
Institute can now offer Advanced Analytics to each student for Graphical Interpretation & Inferences that provides Realistic & Guided Preparation for Learning.
Learning Management System – Create your own Online Library
We offer customizable tools for subcribe to Global Learning Library. Institute can also create their own Online Content Library on our Secured Cloud.
Access to Subject Matter Experts in field of Engineering, Medical, Banking, etc.
24*7 access to experienced faculty members and experienced industry experts for career counselling. Students in institutes can clarify doubts & get career guidance. This also is a great feature for real case studies and short term assignments.
Choose your Membership and Start with EDU + LOG + IQ
Employee Skill Assessment and Development Suite
Choose from our large database otherwise create your own questionaire to assess your employees on internal tools and processes.

Create Learning Plan for each employee and track progress with regular reviews with our Development Suite.
Learning Management System to support Organizational Learning with us
Easy 3 Steps to Guide your organization’s Online Learning Site with Edulogiq.
Innovative Job and Hiring Tool
We bring user friendly tool to support your organizational hiring activities. We connect dots with our Expert Panel performing Initial level Screenings, Assessment tool for Quantification of abilities complimented with Psychometric Assessment and Personality Profiling.
Personality Profiling Tool for Quick Personality Assessments
Different Personalities come together for a common goal but identifying them and accordingly managing is important for good working environment. Edulogiq’s Personality Framework provides all that in a unsophisticated way.
Survey Tool for External & Internal usage
Multiple Survey formats to support Customer Survey, Supplier Evaluations, Employee Satisfaction Survey, 360 Degree Assessments etc.

Corporates can choose from variety of Survey formats for Internal or External Surveys. This can be personality related, satisfaction related or feedback from your customers for your organization etc.
Best Tool for 360 Degree Feedback, Corporate Assessments, Personality Profiling, Corporate Training & Development, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt, Project Management Certifications,Leadership Skills, Customer Satisfaction Survey and many more
Soft Skill Trainings and Certifications
Choose from variety of common Certifications and Soft skills that your employee needs for development

Edulogiq partners with Nucleus Institute to bring in Soft Skill trainings on Communications, Personalities, Workplace Management, Corporate Relationship Management, Self Improvement Programs, etc.

Also offers industry standard certifications in field of Six Sigma, Project Management, MS Office etc. These programs are Self Paced that are designed particularly for Corporate Employees.
Rewards and Gamification for Employee Online Rewards
Employee Reward Program in built along learning. The more you LEARN…the more you EARN.

Gamification and Badges for Employee Recognition inbuilt into Learning Plan.
Choose your Package and Start with EDU + LOG + IQ
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