CBSE Class I to X Olympiad Exam Preparation

CBSE Class I to X Olympiad Preparation

How do I prepare for Olympiad?

Having selected the appropriate Olympiad for yourself, the question arises, how to prepare for these Olympiads? Preparation for Olympiads is different from preparing for school and CBSE exams. You need to refer to different books, solve questions that are a little off, and tougher, compared to traditional CBSE type questions. You may also need to devote a little more time and work harder! Olympiads tend to test the application of what is taught in the curriculum, rather than asking for simple definitions of topics.

I think that apart from school studies, an additional 2 hours of studying at least should be devoted for Olympiad preparation, if you want to stand a chance of clearing it.

What books should I read for Olympiad?

Lastly, here are some books I would recommend for Olympiad preparation, that I used personally as well in my time.
Problems in general physics- I.E. Irodov (class XI and XII)
MTG books for IMO, NSO, NCO, SOF, IEO etc- Science Olympiad foundation (classes II-XII)
IIT Foundation and Olympiad explorer- Brain Mapping academy (class X)
Arihant books for various Olympiads (My number 1 recommendation)

How do I excel in Olympiad?

In this day and age, it is important to not waste time, especially for a student who is preparing for Olympiads. Hence, I feel that online tuitions are an extremely useful tool for helping you prepare. The biggest advantage being that not even one minute is wasted in commuting i.e., going to the tutors place, or waiting for the tutor to show up. Websites such as provide an excellent platform for students to find the right tutors for gaining that necessary edge.