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Question: What is certification?

Answer: Certification is formal recognition by ASQ that an individual has proficiency within, and a comprehension of, a specified body of knowledge. It is peer recognition, not registration or licensure.


Question: How does the Certification Board oversee the certification program?


ASQ Certification Board Value Statement

The ASQ Certification Board provides Leadership and Stewardship, with Integrity and Customer Focus, of the process for certifying Quality Professionals both now and in the future.

Stewardship: We assume the responsibility to organize and manage intellectual property of the Quality movement, including certification exams and related products. Our efforts imply and require a vision of, and dedication to, the Quality profession.  The Board is tasked with outreach to internal and external customers, to communicate the value and importance of Certification to both employers and quality professionals.

Integrity:  We oversee and uphold professionalism as a primary characteristic of our certification process, product, and application.  A firm personal ethic becomes the strong professional ethic of volunteer members which, in turn, becomes personal validation. Broad-based certifications, multilingual, fair and unbiased in content and availability, are our product.

Customer Focus:  ASQ, as leader of a diverse, ever-expanding, global quality community, supports quality professionals in academia, industry, and government.  We create new certifications defined by the values and requirements of our customers, recognizing them as the future owners of quality knowledge, practice, and dissemination. We network with others across the world to advance innovation and the understanding of the value and importance of quality knowledge, professions, and certifications. 

Teamwork, Involvement, Cooperation, and Partnering:  We respect the values of others and strive for consensus. Teamwork and partnering encourage opportunities, inside and outside the quality community, for personal and professional development.  Employee and corporate application of technology, tools, and processes fosters skill enhancement, employee expertise, and empowerment at all professional levels.

Application of Quality Tools and Techniques:  Our dynamic, living strategy focuses on short- and long-term strategic planning and quality management. We create opportunities for the application of knowledge and skills, outreach and sharing of ideas, and on-going improvement in machine and computer technology. We believe that only the best we do today will be carried forward to tomorrow


Question: How can I use certifications on my business cards?

Answer: Individuals with ASQ certification may indicate their certification(s) on their personal business cards. Please refer to your certification in terms which are consistent with the legal requirements found in many states.

Canadian Provincial and Territorial laws prohibit the use of the term "engineer" unless an individual is registered in Canada as a Professional Engineer. However, ASQ-certified individuals would not be in violation of this law if they use the acronyms "ASQ CQE," as appropriate, as a title instead of the word "engineer."


Question: What happens when new standards are published?

Answer: When new and updated standards are published, ASQ will still test candidates' knowledge of that standard, but the correct answer should be provided according to both the new and old standard until:

  • The new standard becomes fully implemented (such as ISO 9000: The new standard is now fully implemented, so the old standard is NO LONGER tested).
  • The old standard is no longer used by the industry (for example: the Z standards have come out, but a deadline for implementation is not required, so both the old and new standard are in use, and answers to test questions should be the same in both years).


Question: I don't have the required experience. Can I still get certified?

Answer: For those certifications with education waivers, you may waive some of the required work experience if you have a degree, diploma or certificate beyond high school.

Work experience must be in a full time, paid role. Paid intern, co-op or any other course work cannot be applied towards the work experience requirement.

If you do not have the education and work experience required to sit for a particular certification examination, you may obtain a partial refund of your examination fee by contacting ASQ. ASQ will not waive the examination requirements. If you are short on work experience, you may sit for the next exam, as long as you meet the requirement by the time you apply for the exam.


Question: How can I apply for a certification exam?

Answer: There are several ways to apply. You can apply online. You can download an exam application for mailing or faxing. You will need your resumé and credit card to complete the application. Or you can request a free certification brochure and application by contacting ASQ Customer Care at 800-248-1946 (United States and Canada only) or 414-272-8575 or