Create, organize and improve your corporate and professional learning process

Advance tools for creating the complete learning cycle from content creation to actionable analytics

Learning Management System

EDULOGIQ offers Secured & Cloud based LMS that can be used to host all training material secured within Organization. This platform will enable employees to Pick and Choose from large library of E-learning programs. LMS Course Management Module has integrations with Assessment / Certification Module & Analytics Module where every Employee can monitor progress on regular basis

Skill Assessment

Training Courses will go hand in hand along knowledge & skill development. EDULOGIQ brings customizable Skill Assessment Suite that can be easily linked with Knowledge & Skill Development to assess employee learnings over time. Training effectiveness can be judged theoretically by employee assessment grades & practically visible in skill matrix. This is applicable for all departments within corporates. Corporates can choose from EDULOGIQ's Large Question Bank or can prepare their Assessment from Internal Know-hows/Processes. It just takes few minutes to set it up.

Skill Assessment Suite has inbuilt Certifications Module consisting of Reminders, Editable Logo, etc

360 Degree Feedback Tool

EDULOGIQ brings feature rich 360 Degree Feedback Tool to Plan, Conduct, Analyze and Improve personnel effectiveness based on feedback from Supervisor, Peers, Sub-ordinates and Others.

Its core lies in its practical context, great interface and strong charting capabilities giving users all required tools to conduct it simply. 360 degree tool is one of the most effective tools that is well used by large organizations across locations and organizational levels for feedback

Survey Tool

EDULOGIQ brings feature rich Survey Tool to support Corporates in conducting Internal & External Surveys.

Its real easy to Conduct Internal Surveys (Employee Satisfaction, Canteen Food Survey, Opinion Polls etc) or External Surveys (Supplier or Customer Satisfaction).

Survey Results then can be analyzed using Analytical & Charting Capabilities or simply exported in MS-Excel format for your customized needs. Runs on all devices making it very flexible across all organizations

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